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Daisy fresh, frightened, / she blurts, "He's up there actin' lak he 

the President." She wants all church folk / to know, to understand before it's too late.



Books by Jeannette Drake


Journey Within: A Healing Playbook  /  Promise: Inspirational Fantasies


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Cakewalk and Welcome to the New World

Poems by Jeannette Drake



     "Let me see you do the rag-time dance."

                                    Scott Joplin

We prance on the edge

of survival, in our do rags

and faded red-skin jersey shirts;

hunch over coconut and chocolate cake,

craving great-grandmomma's comfort,

grandpoppa's corn-whiskey wisdoms too,

walking, stumbling, falling, rising, running,

stumbling, falling, rising we be yeast

in America's bread, our bruised bodies

and egos broadcasting battle, walking, stumbling,

falling, rising, into mercy Lawd, mercy.

Too many stairs to climb. Crystal ain't worth a dime. 

Nothing left 'cept the hubble bubble

of your name mercy Lawd, mercy, 

swinging, birthing brilliance

like Duke in the Dark Holiness

of Space.      

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Welcome to the New World

             "The Times They Are a-changin'."

                                      Bob Dylan

In southside Richmond,

former heart of Robert E.

my teacher friend tells me

her Hispanic boy students speak

in a heart's second, "I am Aztec!"

I tell my friend, "throw some Jimmy Santiago Baca

on them, and wait. Watch. They will savor

those ancient African beats." Not far away,

in a shopping center, Miss Ann, frantic

in her polyester, hands strangers

homemade CDs. Daisy fresh, frightened,

she blurts, "He's up there actin' lak he 

the President." She wants all church folk

to know, to understand before it's too late.

I want to let her know that Jesus loves her, too.

I want to tell her that John, the Baptist, is my first cousin.

I want to sing her David's song.

"Princes shall come out of Ethiopia." 

I want to tell her that Yahweh, like a mammy

bending over her baby, reached

into darkness to create light.          

*   *   *   *   *

Promise: Inspirational Fantasies

By Jeannette Drake

In Promise: Inspirational Fantasies, reminiscent of Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue and Anne Lamott's playful perspectives in Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith, Jeannette Drake approaches God with sass and sadness. Her dialogues and vignettes, often fantastical and humorous, reflect wisdom, faith, and intimacy with God. An appendix of questions, designed to help one meditate on the concepts of prayer, faith and relationship with God, is included. Certain to delight, inspire and engage the curiosity of readers, this provocative book is a must-read!

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Journey Within: A Healing Playbook

By Jeannette Drake

Journey Within: A Healing Playbook is a fun tool for anyone interested in personal growth, learning how to be more creative or gaining a deeper insight into The Divine. Section One includes 13 original color abstracts that invite the viewer to intentionally go on a playful, inner journey. An optional guide of play instructions is included.

In Section Two the author's spiritual autobiography provides an inspirational explanation for each drawing.            May 2005 This Book Is for Someone You Love

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Ancient African Nations

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posted 2 March 2011



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