Marcus Bruce Christian

New Orleans Poet, 1900-1976


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Portrait of poet as young man

The Writings of Marcus Bruce Christian

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Marcus Bruce Christian

New Orleans poet

Send contributions to: ChickenBones: A Journal / /  2005 Arabian Drive / Finksburg, MD 21048 -- I became aware of Rudy Lewis’ labor of love a few short months ago during a visit to Kalamu ya Salaam’s e-drum listserv. As soon as I saw the title of the journal I knew it was about Black folks, and the power of the written word.  A quick click took me into a journal that’s long on creativity, highlighting well-known, little known, and a little known writers, and commitment to the empowerment of Black folks. I contacted Rudy to ask if he’d consider publishing some of my work. His response was immediate, and a couple of days after I’d forwarded some poems to him—they were part of ChickenBones. What I didn’t know was that this journal has been surviving for the last five years with very little outside financial support. . .  If we want journals like this to “thrive” we need to support them with more than our website hits, praise, and submissions for publication consideration.

—Peace, Mary E. Weems (January 2007)                       

A Literary Soldier by Deborah Parker Cains

Yes, Dr. Christian   by Deborah Parker Cains


 The Federal Writers Project For Blacks in Louisiana (Clayton) / Memories of Marcus B. Christian (Cains


Activist Works on Next Level of Change (Kane) 

Letters from Xavier Review   Letters from LSU and Skip Gates

Marcus Bruce Christian   BioBibliographical Record    Wikipedia on Marcus Bruce_Christian

Poems in the Key of Life

A Labor of Genuine Love

Letter from Dillard University

Louisiana Endowment Review  

Letters to Sterling Brown

Requests Historical Material on New Orleans /  Gives Christian an Assignment  / Thanks Christian for History Material   

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Dunbar and Traditional Dialect  An Archival Search for Sterling Brown (Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 and Part 4 )

Brown and Negro Advisers   Brown to Walter White  Brown to Alberry  Brrown to Alberry2    Brown to Walter White

Collected Poems of Sterling Brown  /  The Negro Caravan / Southern Road  / Negro Poetry and Drama, and the Negro in American Fiction

Last Ride of Wild Bill and Eleven Narrative Poems  /  Joanne,Gabbin. Sterling A. Brown: Building the Black Aesthetic Tradition (1994)



Langston Hughes Comments on Christian's Blues Poems



Langston Hughes Bio  New Negro Poets U.S.A.   In Praise of Langston Hughes  Sermon and Blues    Notes of a Native Son

 Weary Blues (1926) / The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes  /  The Ways of White Folks (Stories) / The Big Sea: An Autobiography

Best of Simple    /  I Wonder as I Wander: An Autobiographical Journey  / New Negro Poets U.S.A.  / Not Without Laughter  /

 Five Plays by Langston Hughes  /  Selected Poems of Langston Hughes  / Ask Your Mama: Twelve Moods for Jazz

 Fine Clothes to the Jew / The Collected Works of Langston Hughes (Poems 1921-1940)

Elmer A. Carter on Christian's "Men on Horseback"  /  Responds to Criticism

Elmer A. Carter on Christian's "McDonough Day in New Orleans"

Elmer Anderson Sends "Man on Horseback" to W.C. Handy for Song Publication


Buddy Tate - Mack The Knife  /  Ben Webster - Chelsea Bridge (1964)  /  Lester Young 1944—Blue LesterThe Cry of Jazz (1959) Part 1 of 4

Letters to Lyle Saxon

On Christian's "Men on Horseback" & Other Poems on "Clothes Doctor" Manuscript / A Letter of Employment for Dillard Project

On Houghton Mifflin Fellowship or Publication  / Leaves Dillard WPA Negro History Material  

Diary Notes on Lyle Saxon

The History Manuscript Reflections on Lyle Saxon  / Saxon as Benefactor

photo right: Lyle Saxon

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free  / Michele Alexander—The New Jim CrowColeman HawkinsAfter Midnight

Marcus Christian: Portrait of a Poet (Betsy Petersen)

Marcus Christian: The Man and His Collection (Marilyn S. Hessler)

Marcus B. Christian and the Louisiana WPA (Jerah Johnson)

Marcus B. Christian: A Reminiscence and Appreciation  (Tom Dent)

The Federal Writers Project For Blacks in Louisiana (Ronnie W. Clayton)

Tucson Memorial Speech (President Barack Obama)

Beyond Vietnam A Time to Break Silence (Rev. Martin Luther King)


Africa changing  LGBT rights / Malawi Criminalizes Sex Between Two Women

Sam Chatmon—Legends of Country Blues Guitar  /  Sam Chatmon—Pretty Mama  /  Sam Chatmon—Who's Lovin ' You Tonight (1978)

Letters to George Schuyler

 Critique of the State of Black Letters  /   Responds to Christian's Critique of Editorial

  After Critiques, Exchange Gifts  / Schuyler Agrees To Review Saxon's Children of Strangers


Letters: Mencken to Schuyler  Garvey on George Schuyler

Slaves Today: A Story of Liberia (1930) and Black No More (1931)  /   Robert A. Hill, ed. Ethiopian Stories. Northeastern University Press, 1996

Black and Conservative: The Autobiography of George S. Schuyler  / Jeffrey B. Leak ed. Rac(E)Ing to the Right: Selected Essays of George S. Schuyler.  2001


Arna Bontemps Advises Christian on a Rosenwald Fellowship

Arna Bontemps Acknowledges Receipt of Documents for his Yale Collection

Guest Poets & Writers  Fifty Influential Figures  African Retentions  Folk Life in Black and White   Negro History and Culture  God's Trombones  

The Responsibility of the Artist   The Negro as Author  Race Prejudice and the Negro Artist   Folk Life in Black and White  Letters of H. L. Mencken

Lumumba: A Biography  Black Girl in Her Search for God  H L  Mencken on Negro Authors    George Schuyler and Christian   Letters: Mencken to Schuyler

Education & History   Fifty Influential Figures


SELASSIE AT GENEVA   An Ex-King Speaks  Drums of Menelik

By Marcus Bruce Christian


Rudy's Place : Sussex County: A Tale of Three Centuries  Public Education in Sussex County in Black and White   History of Jerusalem Baptist Church


A.W. Dent Outlines Christian's Duties for Dillard-WPA  History Project  / Complains to Quarles


Malcolm X on Front Page Challenge, 1965  / Assocition on the Study of African African Life and history  /  Dr. John Henrik Clarke—A Great and Mighty Walk

Diary Note

Frank Yerby & Origins of Foxes of Harrow


Medgar Evers a Mississippian Martyr  /  Scott Sisters Celebrate Freedom  /  Inside New York's Art World: Romare BeardenThe Feminist Wire

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